Why does my website not come up on Google?

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I put together a site a while back but it's still not indexed. I submitted the sitemap and it says URL is discovered but if I search site:www.mywebsite.com it's not indexed

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Hey bro,
A lot of websites are taking 60-90 days to index. Here’s a few things you can try!
1. Fetch the sitemap in Google Search Console.
2. Create a Google Document and Sheets of your sitemap.
3. Run Google Ads at a low budget and add your pages to your ads as the final URL and site link extensions.
4. Post your websites in groups on Facebook a lot.
5. Run local citations to your new site.

I’m sure people here will have more ideas

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setup search console property and get the TXT record, and add that record to your DNS. It should index fast that way. If that first sentance sounds crazy just google how to submit site to google and follow the steps.

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Do you have content. Do you have links? Do have you google search console setup ? What does it say I'm the coverage report ?
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