Some questions regarding the nature of the market for the first book

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Hello everyone. My friend is a teen who hopes to publish his first novel during the start of the next year. I have some questions regarding the nature of the market for his book and seeing as most everyone here is some form of author/editor/(self) publisher and reader all in one, I figured you'd all be best to ask as you could use the various perspectives to inform your answers.

Well, here goes . . .

🌼 As an adult reader, how would your perception of a book, and your likelihood to buy it, change if you knew the writer was teenaged?

🌼 If you read it, what would be your chief motivation in doing so? "I want a good book, same as always . . . ", or "let's see what this kid can do . . . "?
I want to believe that his age wouldn't affect sales, but that sounds unlikely even to him. Which brings me to my last request. He'd been wondering whether he could use his age to an advantage, as a sort of marketing gimmick, but given how little we both know about the current publishing climate, that could turn out to not be such a feasible strategy. So I wanted to know what you think about that as a hook, or at least a means to drive market curiosity in his debut novel.

Yeah he's going to self-publish lol. we never even for a second imagined that an agent would consider his book.

I know that I'm not entitled to your advice and opinions simply because I posted here, so I sincerely thank anybody who leaves any comments or tips for taking the time to do so

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I would honestly be put off by a book written by a teenager because they usually just don't have the skill to tell a story I want to read.

That may sound rude, but I'm also including my own teenage self in this. I think you can tell when something was written by a teen.

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