I wanted to reference Picasso (the artist) on a children’s book

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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could answer this question. I am working on a children’s book and I wanted to reference Picasso (the artist) in it in a section where it says “or silly faces like Picasso” .

Would anyone know if this was ok? Do I have to add some type of trademark by his name??

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How young are you writing for? I'd question if the reference would make any sense to a young reader. On average, not many would know who he was, let alone what his paintings looked like.

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No trademark needed. A lot of people don't know that even trademarked brand names don't require trademark symbols in books. As he's a public figure, it's okay to reference him. As to "silly," I wonder if there's a less potentially negative (as Dieter points out) word you could use that would still be understandable to children? I can't think of one right now, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist (I think "funny faces" has that same clownish kind of connotation). (Copy editor)

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