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From all that I have read about this update it seems to be very much targeted towards AI generated content. But not so much penalizing if you use it but rewarding sites if you use more natural human language content.

But time will tell.

I have also noticed that by the time Google announces something like this to the world they have already rolled it out in certain geographic areas to test it.

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update is completely what you could have expected from google. Google has as main goal that the users remain satisfied with the search results, so correct and useful information. That way people continue to use Google and they can earn a lot of money from advertisements.

And whether it's fully hand made content or partly AI, as long as it's experienced as very useful by Google's users, it will be able to score well.

The E-A-T also fully matches this. So it was to be expected and I think SEO people who are mainly concerned with good content are not so afraid of this, rather happy!

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If you put search engines above providing great content for your readers, you’re probably in trouble. To clarify, I’m not referring to great content that is optimized for search engines.

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Thank god the AI generated content is gonna be done for. I'm sick of reading comments on here suggesting AI content.

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Best thing ever cause those jaspers and spinners were really annoying w the bulk deployment of articles and ranking overnight for a couple months to sell links.

But I feel like AI can still help as long as it's just w the smaller and the more general stuff.

And I think recent fluctuations in everyone's ranking is your answer boss.

Post by Troy »

I'll be interested to see it in action. Defining the quality of content by it's origin, isn't putting the end user first - I'd love to be in some of these Google meetings to hear the discussions.

What happens when AI generated content is better than the human content? I hope we'll see Google judging the quality of the content by the quality of the content.

I expect it will target highly spammy website and uncurated content. It would be disappointing if it was simply a method for pushing serps toward a 100% pay-to-play format - this would be a terrible outcome for small business owners (the bulk of businesses) and end users. Increasing the cost of participation and creating a more uneven playing field won't benefit end users, only monopolies.

Again, I'm interested to see the impact it has and keeping my fingers crossed that Google stays Googly.
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