My GMB my SEO guy is very good, But..

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So I’m ranking well on my GMB my SEO guy is VERY good… Anyways… This guy above me has almost no backlinks, no authority basically and one post in 3 years on his gmb, he has 10% of the reviews I have…

I’m very confused plus he doesn’t even have an address either so what’s the deal with him ranking above?

Post by Mark »

Looks like the guy’s SEO above you is even better

Post by Силвия »

How can we help you without any information? :oops: :oops:

Post by Cody »

Location. Most of the algo is location - even though his address isn't publicly mentioned, he would have had to provide one to Google. Also, look at his primary category and how many locations he specializes in. It's really important to have the correct primary category and to not spam too many locations in my experience.

Post by Michael »

From what location are you checking the rankings? Are they stuffing keywords in their title?

Also, GMB posts have no impact on rankings.

Post by Caseyhannah »

I would have to say his location or proximity and gmb name is exact match to search query or very close.

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That’s because there’s only 1 ranking signal for GMB’s and it’s none of the ones you mentioned.

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Proximity and the name of the business on the GMB account are the two biggest local ranking factors. That’s probably where they are beating you. Posts have no impact. Reviews are debatable. Reviews can help if they mention the location, but otherwise, I’ve ranked GMBs with zero reviews without a problem.

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the address can be invisible also you say you rank in the 3 pack turn your location in your phone and when you travel around your town or city try the same keywords again I find the 3 pack changes depending on your physical location so there's a good chance when you search the number 1 address is near your location

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You can message me and I’ll run a scan for you with software I’m building that will help you figure out why this is happening

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I’m not an SEO like everyone else on here, I do my own SEO for my website, although I did have help in the beginning. As for the GMB, I’ve always found it weird when people talk about ranking it. Now I’m not saying it’s not important, and I’m not saying it can’t be done. But…. For the most part I’m pretty certain region has a lot to do with it. I’m never going to rank #1 40 minutes away even if my pages are ranking #1 on my website for that area. Even guys in my area with 2 reviews can rank above me, depending on where they’re searching from and the specific term they’re using. Could be wrong.
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