Do you want to motivate.. I have a lot

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Motivation post for those who might need it…
  • SW 340
  • CW 235
Down 11 pants sizes..

It’s still hard to believe when I look in the mirror this is actually me But it is ME and I deserve this as we all do for ourselves.
  • I started this journey June 9th of 2021
  • 1st & 2nd picture was Easter of 2021
  • 3rd Currently
For You..
Do you have any tips to lose weight again?
Day 4 of my water fast
Can you do Keto while working out?
Why is it so hard to go back on keto?
Can I eat chicken wings on keto?
Ladies 40 and over. Is there hope?
In Keto.. My most biggest challenge is no sugar
Is a keto diet good for insulin resistance?
Keto friendly drinks at Starbucks
Is there any Keto friendly Ice cream?
What can I use instead of noodles in lasagna?
Is mountain dew zero sugar & Coke zero okay in Keto?
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