What exercises can I do if I have arthritis?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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Well after being having pain in my knee over a month.. finally I decided to do something last week I called my doctor so boom he said I have arthritis. people know me here I don’t like drama I don’t like you be sorry about me..

I know I will be fine I just looking for advice I know I’m not the only one here I can exercise almost Normal but after done it’s a lot pain.. I would do anything I could.

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I’ve been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 30 years ago. Off and on I’ve had difficult days and I push through. I don’t know what the doctor told you to do , but I’d he said you could keep working out I would. The more I workout he better I feel.

But that’s my experience.

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BOOM I'm the same, since exercising I too have arthritis in my knee

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Make sure that you never expose your knees to cold (double pants in winter) and I like to use Sombra (warm version) to comfort them.

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I had arthritis in my knee since I was 13 for my injuries and 5 surgeries. It was recommended for me to use Voltaren arthritis pain gel. It has helped me for my knee and shoulder

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I have had both knees replaced because of arthritis. Best decision I ever made. I always wore a pull on brace and it helped.

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I would work on eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Reduce or completely cut out sugar, add in healthy fats, and eat your vegetables, especially your greens. Investigate supplementing with omegas and turmeric. It is a great anti inflammatory, better than ibuprofen. Here’s to your great health!!!

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I have had arthritis since about age 20 due to autoimmune diseases. I had a full hip replacement at 39 and am nearing another for the other hip. Walking, biking, and swimming are key. No running per surgeon and hip prevention program. Aleve seems to help the most as I don't like anything much stronger.
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