Spinach in smoothies/shakes.. Any suggestions for how to make one tasty and healthy?

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I don't really use spinach in smoothies/shakes because it always seems to turn out awful. 🤢I want to give it another go tho, any suggestions for how to make one tasty and healthy?

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Try to match colours,

Avocados are great for making it creamy and smooth. pear, pineapple, lemon, kiwi fruit, ginger, mangoes all the yellow and greens,

yogurts and honey any of those should help.

If you put purple or red fruit it might go brown so then you might not like it,

You can get minced ginger or lemon grass in the produce section in your supermarket helps give it a fresh boost and add something sweet like honey or malt.

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I do a lot of spinach and blueberries! Just make sure it’s blended super well!

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I put kale and spinach in mine with a berry mix. Lots of blueberries and strawberries. I don't care for kale, but I cant taste it.

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My kids love it. Half a frozen banana, a couple frozen pieces of pineapple. A handful of fresh spinach and top off with orange juice
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