Is it normal to spoon feed a 2.5 year old?

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I’m curious if people spoon feed their 2.5 year old toddlers? I have twins and the only way we can get them to eat most days is if we feed them ourselves. I’m getting frustrated because meal times are taking an hour or more and I have a newborn. So trying to feed two toddlers with a crying baby isn’t fun

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I did not. And I always had to battle with my mom, she would spoon feed my daughter and then she'd expect every time over and over. I didn't mind before 2, but after 2, no. Ultimately, it's up to you though. No matter what, your child won't need you to feed them when they are an adult. I'd just be sure to break the habit sooner rather than later so it isn't a bigger issue when school begins. Maybe let your child eat with their hands instead. Sensory is a big part. The messier my daughter got, the more she enjoyed feeding herself. I promise the mess won't last forever. Mine is 8 now and freaks out if ketchup gets on her fingers.

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Ultimately it's up to you but I'd just explain to them "mommy is hungry too and I need my hands to eat my food. you are going to use your own hands to eat now too." Or whatever

Plop the food in front of them and be done with it.

I always say my job is to put the food in front of them, their job is to put it in their mouth.

Toddlers are grazers. They can go days eating very little and then one day they will just shove every bit of food you offer in their little mouth 😅

I'd say hand the spoon to them and just let it be.

Easier said then done of course.

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I spoon fed my son until 2 years. If he could pick the food up with his fingers he would but anything like yogurt I had to do it for him. Then I just showed him what to do, I got his hand in mine and used the spoon with the yogurt he seemed to have got it pretty quickly and uses it daily now.
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