My daughter.. She's been picky since she was 1

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Hello everyone,. Asking for your thoughts on this as I realize this is really the best place to discuss. My daughter is almost 3 and a half and still breastfed although only really before bed and when she wakes up. I never had these problems with my eldest and I'm trying to understand if there is a pattern between breast milk and this picky eating. Which btw is really starting to get to me because when I cook her what I know she loves she's starting to refuse it, saying I'm not eating it, leaves the table starts crying like mad and then that's it.

She'll eat: Bread, yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, crackers, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, beaded fish, croquet potatoes where I add bit of everything, toasties, nuggets (bought and homemade), pasta with olive oil, pizza base with oil and cheese, most fruit but that is about it. She'll of course have ice cream, chocolate, cupcakes, biscuits, but I'm trying to avoid these as much as possible.

She's been picky since she was 1 and it's getting a controlling habit now. I've tried ignoring it, pushing her to eat, threatening her that she wont get someth ing, bribing her, I think I've tried everything.

It's just getting a little silly now.

Thanks for listening and for understanding!

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It won't be anything to do with the breastfeeding I still breastfed a 5 year old and he has arfids eating disorder.

Even low breast milk has loads of goodness In it treat it like a drink so no boobie before dinner and lunch and talk to a dietitian to advice for better help as not every child is a picky eater there can be many courses for food refusal

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I breast fed my daughter until 3 years old. I wondered if if affected willingness to eat food. “Research” says BF is supposed to help make kids not so picky because they are exposed to the different tastes of food you eat 🤷🏼‍♀️

It I didn’t seem to make a huge difference when I stopped BF but she has improved some since then but it was slow.

I would recommend following My Little Eater on IG and also listening to the podcast as well as Jill Castle and Your Kids Table.

Following the “devision of labor” has made a big difference for us!

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Ps making threats and being forceful can make the issue far far worse.
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