My son doesn't eat yoghurt! BUT..

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Hello mamas, I want to share a small win and need some advice.

I had posted that my son doesn't eat yoghurt, he ate a bit of yoghurt right from the tub 🙂

The trouble is he eats only peach flavour and only right from the tub that looks like the pic.

Walmart doesn't sell peach yoghurt tubs alone, so vanilla/strawberry and other flavors remain uneaten.

Can I buy these empty tubs anywhere? I am thinking of filling them with peach yoghurt (bought separately) and giving it to him.

TIA and have a great day ahead!

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My son refused yogurt for the longest time! He loves these now! So happy for you!

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My local Walmarts (and WM online) sell peach alone, in large tubs and small multipacks too.

Have you asked a manager if they will order just peach for you? I’ve had friends that managed WM and they would order certain items that they didn’t carry full time.

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I don't know if u can find or not, but till then u can reuse the tub after every use
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