How do I help my 3 year old with a picky eater?

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Hi moms.. Recently joined and not sure where to start without writting a novel :lol:. My 3 year old is just freakn picky! He used to eat so much more and now won't. He'll ask for things but then not eat them! way, fruits...some. Even toddler "go to" foods like grilled cheese, pancakes, pizza he wont touch! He is a healthy percentile but I feel by all unhealthy foods. He is more of a snack eater. At dinner, if I give him a protein, veggie and starch he will focus on only one food and not want to eat the rest.

I've read some that their behavior (been struggling with that too) can be linked to nutrition.

Has anyone tried a supplement to "hide" in their foods or water. I read about ENOF but just wanted some thoughts.

Thanks for reading this long post!

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This is us over here. My son chooses one food item to eat while he's always served with at least three options on his plate. I don't have any solution here aside from keeping serving new foods along with 1 or 2 safe food. Sigh.
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