My son 2.4 years old has fallen to 3rd percentile in height, 7th percentile weight

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We’ve been to dietitians and it just doesn’t seem helpful.

He basically lives on fruit, pickles, plain whole grain pasta, olives. Main source of protein is beans (garbanzo, kidney, black). Sometimes likes my homemade bread (plain, no spreads) and only oat based muffins.

He hates dairy products, is allergic to nuts, sensitive to soy, corn, bananas..

Won’t touch eggs, meat, avocados. Only rarely chicken and salmon are OK. Still nurses and refuses to drink anything milk-like from a cup.

But I’m at such a loss of how to give him more protein or fat.

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We used the benecal supplement for a while it adds like 300 cals and a ton of protein and has no taste- put it in water, juice , everything- it looks cloudy so we got colored water cups with straws

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Have you been seen by a GI?

Got a blood panel? We went through all this. It took us way too long for doctors to take us seriously and get the proper diagnostics going and get the meds she needed. So I highly recommend pushing for all that.

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My daughter nursed until she was 2.6 yo. One day I was angry and I said: no more. I feel that she started to eat more after I stopped. I also enrolled her in swimming classes and her appetite is better. Now she is 3.10 yo and she is eating one banana after dinner!!! It will get better!

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In the muffins, try to add something fatty somehow! Extra butter or oil?

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Will he eat potatoes or homemade fries? We’re having weight gain issues with my daughter and after reading some “how do you gain weight” articles I realized that I haven’t been making her potatoes as often because she’s actually eating a better variety now Vs when she was a healthy weight she ate potatoes as basically her only safe food! I fry them up in oil for the extra fat calories and she smothers them in ketchup and is a happy little camper.

Also, my kid is super similar except only eats strawberries, but likes pork sausage and grilled chicken. But still breastfeeding and refuses anything other than water from a cup and intolerant to dairy, bananas, pumpkin, tree nuts, peanuts and corn syrup 🤦‍♀️

Something super random mine actually likes is chicken and tuna salad. Just a can of chicken smothered with avocado oil mayonnaise (won’t touch it with regular Mayo), but she’s obsessed! Tons of fat and protein 🎉 And she walks around saying how much she loves mayonnaise 😂 It was a sample at Costco otherwise I never would have thought to try it with her

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Laurie wrote: Fri Aug 26, 2022 5:53 pm Will he...
interesting how they have some similarities! Mine loves restaurant fries but has rarely liked homemade crinkle cut fries or potatoes… he also hates greasy things and anything that needs to be eaten with a utensil. He is all about clean finger foods
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