Is it better to write a story in first or third person?

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So I have an idea for a story, and at first I was thinking it would be told in first person, but now that I'm thinking it through more, there would need to be thoughts and actions that would take place with other characters, in areas where the MC is not.

So I was then thinking of shifting it to a third person narrative, but I'm not so sure the narration would be as effective.

I know it's possible to switch between first and third person omnipotent, but I do understand it can be tricky.

Does anyone know of any good examples of this that I can take a look at? I can go by the library on my way home.

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I’m currently reading The Spanish Daughter by Lorena Hughes in which she goes from first to third but only in switching chapters, the titles of which are the characters whose POV is featured.

Lots of authors do this.

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Generally this would be handled with third person limited. One chapter might be third person limited to character X, and another chapter might be third person limited to character Y, and so on. Many successful novels use this.

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