I'm planning a solo trip to the Galapagos Islands & I had a few questions

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Hi Guys. I'm planning a solo trip to the Galapagos Islands, most likely a boat cruise for 4-5 days anytime between 4th and 18th September. I've found a few cruise companies online and i think the price range I'm seeing for budget/mid level cruises is between $1k-$1.5k but it can vary a lot based on last minute promos.

Anyways I had a few questions:
  • Does anyone have any recommendations for tour companies?
  • I'm quite flexible on time so would it just be better to wait a bit more last minute for a better deal?
  • Has anyone just gone to the island/done land based tours? I was  initially indifferent on whether to do a multi day boat cruise or a multi day land tour but reading online it sounded like I'd see more on the boat cruise. If anyone has already done a land based one, let me know if you'd recommend

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I would wait until you're there before finding and booking anything, there's almost always space on cruises leaving, and they almost always offer pretty big discounts for last minute bookings.

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The boat tours enable you to see more of the Galapagos rather than land based day tours but it entirely depends budget and on what experience you want.

I did land based tours because I’m a diver and couldn’t stretch my budget to a diving liveaboard so did day dive trips and did a lot of the day tours. Worked out a lot cheaper and had a great time but now want to go back and see the Galapagos from a dive liveaboard. I doubt my obsession with the Galapagos will cease at that point either…

If you wait for last minute deals, there is zero guarantee that you will have the choices you do now.

Tour companies, do you mean those that arrange everything as a package or the local tour companies when you arrive?
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