What about medication in South East Asia?

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Hi, I am travelling for 6-months with my teenagers across 8 countries in SEA. I need to take 6 month's worth of medication (I have letters from consultants, all boxes labelled etc).

There are restrictions of 30 days medication permitted into some countries, do I need to go to "declare" at customs and explain why I have more than 30-days meds in my hand baggage?

(My medication is brand specific and has to be taken every 12 hours).

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I just came to Thailand with 9 months of meds. As long as they are not restricted meds you won’t have any issue, never asked about or checked. Make sure you carry in your carry on and have a doctor’s letter for a worst case scenario.

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I’m no help with meds, I’m sorry, but hope to follow along on your journey. Doing a 1 year (maybe a little more if we feel we need it) RTW trip beginning fall 2023 with our then just turned 18 & 15 1/2 year old sons. We are hoping to spend 6-9 of those months backpacking through SEA.

Wishing you all a wonderful & safe trip! What an amazing experience!

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Are they opioids?

If not, I don't see an issue as you have consultants letters.

I personally wouldn't declare.

I've travelled throughout SEA with meds that would certainly raise an eyebrow.
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