We’re flying into South East Asia (it would be 10-12 days)

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Hi everyone… Me and my sister are trying to plan our trip but not sure if we have enough time to go everywhere to enjoy the places in the time that we have.

So we’re flying into Seoul on the 26th September, and from there it would be Philippines > Bali ? > Malaysia > Bangkok Thailand > Vietnam > Cambodia > Bangkok > back to the UK on the 12th December.

I haven’t booked the flight out of Seoul so we don’t have to stick to this route, but we will need to book a flight from Seoul to show we’re leaving the country.

Having a look online, it seems to be rainy in the Philippines in October so not sure if we should aim to go there (it would be 10-12 days).

We’re not fussed about missing Bali or Singapore as they seem to be quite costly. If the weather isn’t going to be great anywhere on our plan, then we’d prefer to go somewhere else or stay longer in other places.

We have the whole of October and November to play around with, we’ll end up in Bangkok to relax for a few days before flying out back home.

Any advice on where to stay during this time would be grateful! We will be back for sure, so we know we won’t be able to see everything this time around.

Thanks for reading & for any help and advice

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I would cut a couple of countries if your time is only 2 months and a bit.

Yes its raining in the PH but its not bad right now. Tho it hurts to say this, I would remove the PH and Malaysia to save on your time.

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Probably best to fly (or by land) from Malaysia to like Phuket area en move north from there

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Personally I would stick with the 4 countries that have land borders. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos seeing as you will be back and you only have 10 weeks, which will fly by. As for places to stay check out "trip adviser" for ratings. Always arrive in the afternoon where you are going, so you can talk to other backpackers about where is best. Booking sites add 20% to your bill so avoid where possible. Have a clear idea of why you are coming to this part of the world, and what you hope to do. Be flexible and slow down for best experience.
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