What about motorcycle riding and licensing in South East Asia?

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Hi all, Just a query about motorcycle riding and licensing in South East Asia, (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) I know the general legal answer to the question, however I’m looking for personal experience/advice.

I would only be able to do my CBT (125cc and under) before I leave, therefore I’m wondering if it’s even worth doing (would prefer bigger bikes for longer journeys) and what is the likelihood of me getting stopped and recieving big fines/penalties/jail etc as you would in the UK.

Has anyone rode a lot without a license?

Thanks in advance

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A lot of bikes are 125cc. A lot of people ride unlicensed too (in my experience, more are unlicensed than licensed). If you are licensed, you have a better chance of your insurance applying in the event of an accident, and are less likely to have to pay a fine. You also may have less anxiety about driving. I’d vote for getting the license if it’s not too much of an effort

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We have been travelling SEA for 5 months now and have only been stopped once in Thailand and paid £10 to get out of it. We spent £5 on international driving permit before leaving and we do not have a CBT. In our case we’ve been fine
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