Birth control in my trip in South East Asia

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Hello! This is a question for the ladies out there… I’m taking a 7 month trip throughout South East Asia starting in October. I have enough birth control to last me that long, but I’m wondering what gals do for tampons?

I feel like 7 months worth would take up so much space in my bag and based on what I’ve read, finding them to replenish isn’t always easy or they’re super expensive.

Has anyone had experience with menstrual cups? Are those better?

Thank you!

Post by Katy »

I haven’t been able to get comfy with a menstrual cup tbh but I’m gonna try again if I go backpacking since they’re much better ! There’s also period undies so I may give those a go

Post by Stephanie »

I'm doing 5 months and brought about a box and a half of tampons with me. I usually only use them during the day and then a pad at night when going to bed to make them last longer if that makes sense. I was also planning on doing only 4 day breaks cause my doctor said that I'm able to do that with the pill I'm on so I don't use up the tampons that much

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So I brought a menstrual cup with me (currently traveling SEA) and tried it once for the first time on my travels, wasn’t a wise choice because it was a terrible experience and couldn’t get it to work. After several attempts it didn’t work and whatever I heard anyone say, it definitely wasn’t mess free 😂 so I just buy sanitary pads on the go, they’re cheap and do the job.

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Menstrual cup, for sure. I use some pills of cloro for desinfection (i m pretty sure that make last shorter the cup...but is desinfected and this way i dont need to carrt a recipient and boil wherever i m...and i use the same pills for clean some hotel s bathtubs time to time if i dont trust -sea cleaning standarts for sure are NOT hispanic standarts ) and i do the desinfection in my stainless bottle. Every pill is equivalent to like 200ml of cloro and this kind of recipent inside of the menstrual cup when is not in use also prevent deformation

Post by Caroline »

Menstrual cups are great, best thing I ever bought. I got mine off INTIMA. You can wear it all day, then take out to clean then but back in to sleep in. I would not want to use any other menstrual products in such a hot climate.
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