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Hey everyone!

My final project for the internship I’m doing with a non-profit writing organization is to write a blog post on something I’m passionate about.

I’m an aspiring author, just started writing my first novel, and have severe ADHD. I’m slowly learning how to use my adhd “quirks” or as I call them, superpowers, to my advantage when I write. But I was hoping to get some feedback from others with adhd as well.

Are there any published (self published or through a publisher it doesn’t matter) authors in here who also have ADHD who wouldn’t mind giving me some feedback on how you managed to write your book while battling your adhd symptoms? Or how you used your ADHD quirks to your benefit while writing?

Anyone have any awesome adhd tips/tricks etc that help you stay on track with a writing project? Or help you keep your thoughts organized for a project?

Anyone can chime in! I’m gathering as much info as I can from as many sources as I can to help me write this blog!

Plus - if you have a published book I can plug it into the blog for some advertising for you! Lol

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My dd has written 1000s of words in fan fiction, she's adhd and asd. I can ask her ( she plays or podcasts,sleeps little)

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