.realestate or .com ! which would rank better?

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Starting a little Real Estate side hustle. I see I can get .realestate instead of .com - which would rank better? Would the fact that .realestate is a keyword help? I know keywords in domains these days are not so powerful.


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The tld doesn't matter. TLD= .com, .net, .org, and so on.

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.realestate vs. .com makes no difference for rankings and Google. What it does impact is brand and customer perception. Personally, to me these new TLDs are still less trustworthy for some reason, even though I've been involved in online businesses for years.

If I was you, I'd ask some prospective clients what they think. Would they rather call a .realestate site or a .com site.

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If you want you can always redirect the .com to the .realestate if you feel it will help you gain credibility. www.davidanthony.realestate looks less sketchy than www.davidanthony.com it’s more about customers remembering your site url as others have said. You may even consider also grabbing www.davidanthonyrealestate.com since it’s only going to be like $20 a year to have all 3. A cool trick with this I learned from studying a competitor is they slammed sketchy Backlinks onto a .ninja version of their site then redirected it so their main site looks like it doesn’t have Backlinks but still ranks.
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