How do you avoid keyword cannibalisation when you have to use the same words in every blog post?

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Hey, how do you avoid keyword cannibalisation when you have to use the same words in every blog post? (Not even for keyword research)

For example every blog I write has ‘video content’ in it.

I’m not using it for SEO but I do wonder its effect

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Keyword cannibalism is only true if its within your page title and h1 titles... every else is topical saliency. For example you don't want ten blog posts about video production. How would Google know what is the best most relevant content...stop reading the how to do SEO 101 guides by so called gurus. It's not a thing at all and neither is duplicate content per say.

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If the intent of each post is truly different I wouldn't worry about it

Post by Mike »

You don’t need to avoid it. It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt your chance to rank.

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Keyword mapping is one best answer for you.

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You don't need a load of articles about the exact same thing. In fact, I'd say that hurts you. Dig deep and look for broader conceptual constructs around your most important themes and topics, then write articles that elaborate on those. Google's AI has become remarkably good at working out broard concepts, which is how they can roll out the Helpful Content Update. Demonstrating mastery of a subject is no longer a matter of writing one well-researched post and optimising that. I'd suggest that your entire website (and possibly any connected social media - there's a small book in itself) needs to demonstrate an authoritative grasp of as many key concepts as possible "around" whatever it is you are targeting in search. We are now entering a brave new world with Google. People who refuse to invest in quality web collateral are no longer going to be able to compete. That is actually great news for SEO's, copywriters, designers and others who know what the hell they are doing. The incompetent won't survive this.

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Google is slated to release another product reviews update during the week of August 29th. The “helpful content update” will, “help make sure that unoriginal, low quality content doesn’t rank highly in Search.”

The goal is that users will see more unique content rather than content written for a search engine. This update will also affect product reviews, making it easy to find original reviews. This update is geared to make helpful information more available.

How does this affect you? It will be a good idea to check your rankings over the coming days as the update is released if your website has product review content to see if your ranking was impacted. Moving forward, you will want to make sure your product reviews are unique and help you stand out from your competitors.

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Google's Algorithm is very, very smart nowadays. It has enough data to be able to tell the difference in intent between a page on "Video content software" and "Best video content tools".

Don't worry about using the same keyword on multiple pages, there's no way around it. Imagine that you have a site about SEO, you're gonna be using the keywords "SEO", "Search engine optimization", and "Google" on pretty much every page.
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