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I have a client looking to start a GMB, estate planning law. He’s debating on the name, whether he should use his corp name “Bob Smith, PLC” or use his trade name “Smith’s Wills, Trusts, and  Estate Planning, PLC.”Has anyone noticed:
  1. Google suspending these types of listings due to allegations of keyword stuffing in the name? He has state docs to prove the name of the business.
  2. Has anyone noticed or has any anecdotal data on ppl not clicking on the non-traditional law firm names? His concern that his trade name “Smiths Wills and Trusts” sounds generic for a law firm and hence giving the impression that the quality of work is below par.

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Trade name and make sure to use topical / category in the name at the least

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Use the trade name. People rarely look for a specific law firm. They are searching for a solution to a problem. The trade name faces the exact market your lawyer wants to attract and spells out to them what problem they solve. To me (an experienced legal services marketer), it's a complete no-brainer.
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