Google Chrome: They're no longer allowing ad-blocker extensions

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The ad-war continues. Chrome says that they're no longer allowing ad-blocker extensions to work starting in January. Thoughts?! This should allow more users to see paid google ads. How does this impact organic visibility?

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It will not have any influence on organic visibility.Ad-blockers didn't block Google ads (as far as I know)It will be a gamechanger for Google Ad tracking

Post by Doc »

I see Safari making a big push soon. Apple said it was going to start showing ads and may allow advertisers to have a console to manage that's a game changer

Post by Stefan »

People who use Ad-Blockers don't realize that everybody else is subsidizing their web activity. If we all used adblockers there would be no free information on the web

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Normal ads should never be blocked. This is how many content blogger earn money to survive.

Ad blocker addons should focus on pop-up and disturbing ads.

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Does anyone really ever click on ads when they do a search for their personal needs? I just scroll on through. What is your experiences with paying for Google ads? Do you get actual conversion or accidental clicks? I sometimes wonder if people get no clicks but Google ranks them higher for paying for a service. No clicks or conversions for ads but more organic traffic because they are ranked higher not because of a good SEO implimented website but because of being a contributor to the Google company.

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Chrome can gladly smother itself. Spyware made popular by fools.
Md ~

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I have been using duckduckgo for 2 months. It is much better than chrome.
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