How much would not having a sitemap that issubmitted to google impact seo results?

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Hello wonderful people.. How much would not having a sitemap that issubmitted to google impact SEO results?

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It affects your crawling and results in pages not indexed that had potential to rank on Google. Some pages aren't interlinked that's why they're left without being crawled. Sitemap is important to let google understand your site's hierarchy as well.

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How much impact, no one definitively knows (except Google) but what we know is that it is a best practice, so get this basic task done... super simple to do, why not do it?

Post by Mike »

Unless your site is a few hundred thousand pages or your site structure and navigation is complete trash, not having a sitemap will have zero impact on your site.

Post by Chris »

If you operate a simple site, and all pages are linked, it's not a big problem because the crawlers will be able to discover all indexable pages by themselves.

However, if you're running a large site with thousands or more pages, a deep site with lots of directory levels, or a site built using AJAX calls, then it can pay to give the crawlers a bit of a helping hand to discover everything your site has to offer.

There's lots of software than can generate XML sitemaps for you... many of which are free.

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What’s the crux of the question or root concern?

Sitemaps take a few minutes to generate and upload. Not doing it wouldn’t make sense due to the minimal amount of effort/time, so even if the impact is low it still wouldn’t mean you wouldn’t want to do it.

Is there a specific case use or scenario?

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I had a website published last year roughly 30 pages but hasn’t submitted my sitemap to google…. Didn’t check until a few months ago but it turned out Google had only indexed 5 or so pages, after submitting a sitemap the impressions and clicks have been steadily growing

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It makes their life easier as it lays out your map, but if you interlink correctly it isn't a necessity. But for the amount of work it takes to submit I would do it.
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