Looking for smart watch recommendations.. Fitbit or Garmin?

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Always been a Fitbit fan. But bit disappointed my versa 2 has broken after 18 months.

I don't get on with apple.

I have a Samsung android phone.

I wear my smartwatch every day. I use alarms, stopwatch, pay as well as the usual sleep and fitness functions.

Do I go Fitbit again or look into Garmin? What has worked well for you?

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Garmin are amazing if you do lots of exercise. If you're just looking for a smart watch though then look at a galaxy watch as has greater standard functionality. Can't beat Garmin for sports though. I had a fenix 6 pro and it was amazing for running. I've stopped running so much now as got lazy and the galaxy watch 5 pro is waiting for me at home when I get back from our holiday

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My other half has Garmin, it's amazing. He has the solar instinct one and it's worth every penny.
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