What are the most effective ways to reduce your energy costs for over the winter?

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How is everyone feeling about the energy price increase? What are your plans for over the winter to reduce bills?

I have 2 girls who feel the cold. Would keeping the heating on low be a good idea?

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Haven’t a clue! Think people need to be aware that it’s predicted that this is going to be going on for years, not just this winter!

Hope people stop accepting this and seeing it as some sort of ‘ challenge’ in using less energy , yes we should all be using less anyway… but we should be angry and demanding our useless governments do something about it!

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I can’t see it being as high as they say. £7k a year now?!

That’s more than my annual salary!

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In my childhood home we didn’t have central heating, just a tiny gas fire on the stairs and one in the front room, mum used to put it on a bit before bedtime and as soon as we were in bed she would turn it off, in my bedroom as a teen I didn’t have heating, I wore layers, socks and had a duvet and an extra blanket, was always freezing when you got in but soon warmed up after the friction from shivering created some heat.. Oh the good old days are back again

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I keep my heating on low all year, thermostat is set at 16 most of time and when I'm cold I turn up to 20. It is cheaper to heat a house from warm than it is if the house has gotten cold

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Warm the person not the house is probably the best advice I was told. We did really well over last winter. Turned off during thr night then I'd go down and turn it on before people got up. It was then off most the day but then on in the evening for an hour or so. Hot water bottles. I'm buying a cheap kettle and plan on refusing the hot water bottle water to stop wasting the water.
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