My issue with Natwest Child Trust Fund!

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Natwest Child Trust Fund! Anyone have some inside knowledge about how to actually withdraw the matured Trust? Natwest are a pile of xxx.. and are sending us in circles trying to navigate a broken on line portal, not answering their phones and not getting back to our emails.

If you managed to withdraw the Trust how did you do it? Reading lots and lots of horror stories about Natwest and the Child Trust Funds, it seems that only threatening with the ombudsman seems to work. We're in a stressful place with my son leaving for University early September and it's supposed to pay for his accommodation!

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My son has had a nightmare trying to claim his. He’s with NatWest. He’s sent off everything they’ve asked for and each time they send a letter saying they need something else. I think he’s so fed up with it he can’t be bothered anymore..

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We are having the same problem! Been trying for 18 months NatWest have now apparently invested it so could be losing money for all we know, we just wanted to withdraw it when he turned 18 so he could use it at Uni

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We are exactly the same!! They're a bloody joke, been trying since middle of July, going round in circles, my daughter can't "register" it in her name keeps coming up with wrong details or some crap, ring them they say they'll send something in post, that's happened twice and we've had nothing through the post, they're a nightmare!

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On the child trust fund section of the website, if you scroll down to the faq bit, it says what if I don’t want to use the portal? And there’s a form you can use to do it by post

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My son could only access it on the phone version of the website.

His laptop wouldn’t work but for some reason the phone did.

We had loads of issues & are still dealing with the Financial Ombudsman regarding our complaint.

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