What does everyone buy their partners/husbands for birthdays?

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Ladies… what does everyone buy their partners/husbands for birthdays? One that has absolutely everything and if he doesn’t have it he will buy it within minutes of wanting it.


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A couple of years ago I bought my husband laser guns to use with the kids. We’ve had so much fun with them. I might be washing up then suddenly all the lights go out and him and the kids are chasing each other round the house.

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I bought my husband A Year of dates… it’s a little box full of envelopes. Each week an envelope is opened an then we do that thing. Could b watch a sunset… haves picnic… have a games night… go on a train. Lots of different things.

Box can also be personalised and I also bought a memory book with it where you add a photo of the task along with the card to keep as a memory book. He absolutely LOVES it. D

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We have 5 grown up children so one year I gave my husband the gift of ‘time’. I arranged time with each of them : a day out, they came for tea; out for lunch etc etc.

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Experiences, mini city breaks in Europe, spa hotels. If there’s something he’s interested in like a track day if he likes cars? I hate buying too many ‘things’ when they’re not needed. Memories are where it’s at

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Nothing! If they have everything spend time together doing something you all enjoy! You can’t get time back so spend it well rather than on pointless gifts.

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An experience of some sort, something to remember a good feeling. Something that will generate a ‘remember when’ moment. A hot air balloon ride, a city escape, Go ape adventure, a meal in the sky, a train journey with magnificent views, a theatre trip, a visit to a botanical garden, scuba diving lessons, horse riding trek

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A weekend away and/or new undies... For me.
I'm divorced now, so I don't have that stress anymore. And I get to treat myself to the above.

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Its my husbands birthday today and I got him a silver chain, pjs, boxers and sweets. Was going to buy him Conor Maynard tickets but we are working on the concert days..

I have officially exhausted all avenues now so next year will be a weekend away I think.
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