I am looking to put together a bag full of useful / fun gifts for my son

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My son leaves for university the week before his 19th birthday. I am looking to put together a bag full of useful / fun gifts for him to open on the day.

I’m planning gift cards for those little luxuries, but does anyone have any other ideas please?

Many thanks..

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We got my son a big jar of Nutella, some shot glasses from Dunelm and Jenga. Also a door wedge if you haven't got one already. Nice to keep his door open to be sociable when settling in

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I did my daughter a survival kit of little luxuries, including chocolate, biscuits, sweets, hot chocolate sachets, some pot noodles/mug shots. I can’t remember what else I put in as it was some years ago now but the thought behind it was that she’d have some quick easy snacks for when she was skint/didn’t have time to cook plus some luxury items that wouldn’t be in her student budget. She’s not a big drinker so I didn’t bother with any alcohol stuff though

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A student cookbook with quick easy meals - I had a great 20 min meals book when I went. How to do cheese on toast and everything!

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A Greggs gift voucher always goes down well with my kids, from £5
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