What about cash vs card in these countries?

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Guys what about cash vs card in these countries?
Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

I have a visa card but think the best would be a Revolution card. And about cash, is it worth the lass the change of cash at home before travelling?

I am gonna Backpack for 3/4 months.

Thank you in advance ❤️

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So I can definitely tell you about Thailand because I traveled for around 1 year in this country, also during covid... Cash is the thing you will need the most!

But obviously a visa card is definitely necessary for many things. And also you can get cash from every ATM in Thailand with Visa, so why you think about it so much?

Just have a good and cheap or free visa card and your set for everything.

Just withdraw the countries currency from the atms in case you need cash and also pay eg hotel bookings flights etc with your visa....
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