Recommendations for a budgeting app that two people can access?

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I've no idea about Excel/spreadsheets/Google Sheets, so thinking an app would be easier?! I've tried the "Goodbudget" app and can't get on with it.

Nothing fancy, I want to see the amount going in, the allocations for different things like food/fuel/holidays and for us both to add when we spend.


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I know you said you don’t get spreadsheets but I use Google sheets and have a simple weekly budget that starts on a Thursday. You can just add tabs if you want to budget for the additional things and you can share the sheet with others to add into it. Each week begins with food and fuel and then bills that come out in that week or payments that go in. Come the Wednesday it should tally with my bank with any added spending. I got bored ages ago and went up to 2026

. I use it on my phone and laptop
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