I have Netflix and Amazon prime and don’t mind getting Disney+ too.. Any other suggestions?

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I’m due my baby soon and will be having to stay in hospital for around a week and last time I downloaded some series and movies to help keep me occupied when baby is sleeping etc and there are no visitors allowed.

I have Netflix and Amazon prime and don’t mind getting Disney+ too if that has the download option.

I’ve seen so many series and movies (I don’t watch standard telly tbh) that I’ve got no clue what to watch next. I’m not really fussy on genre either.

Any suggestions?


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The Queen's Gambit is great. Under the Banner of Heaven is great. Have you seen Stranger Things yet? (It’s great!). Congratulations on the impending delivery..

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Ozark, Taboo, Sandman and Arcane league of legends - Netflix... Preacher, the boys, Picard and Reacher - Amazon...Disney has too much to list as comic book stuff on there

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Flea bag I think it's called? On prime. Short, sharp, funny as hell..

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I watched 'Scrubs' in hospital with my last baby on Disney+ and then moved on to Grey's Anatomy when I ran out (was in for 5 days, baby arrived day 3)

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Never Have I Ever is so good. On Netflix and there is 3 series. The first episode seems slightly strange as I didn't realise it's narrated by the tennis player John Mcenroe..

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My son told me to watch "The Boys" on Amazon Prime, I kept putting it off because to be honest it sounded rubbish, superheros etc after a sleepless night I decided to pop it on while everyone was in bed, OMG its weird, I ended up watching series 1, 2 and 3 whenever I was home alone 🤣 It is quite sick, very weird but very very addictive (unless I'm just weird too

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Emily in Paris would be a bit of pleasant escapism while in hospital and not difficult to follow if sleep deprived. Working Moms is good. Or Motherland on BBC is really funny.

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