Can you still get the fireman to come to your house to check your smoke alarms!?

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Weird question but... Can you still get the fireman to come to your house to check your smoke alarms!?

My smoke alarms are wired but have a back up battery which is running out as it's beeping often but the placement of it above the stairs means I can't get anywhere near it!

Also, with it being wired, it keeps going off randomly when I turn my kitchen light on.. which it has done just now, at midnight and woke everyone up!

Post by Sam »

Yes! I just did this last week and it was amazing! They made an escape plan with my kids, let them sit in the engine, someone even radioed when they were in my living room pretending to be fireman sam and asking the boys have they seen naughty Norman Price at all please. Replaced all my alarms for free and gave us a carbon monoxide detecter. When i requested the visit they said within 6 weeks and then they came 3 days layer. Definately do it! Such a wonderful service and I would also class it as a school holiday activity

Post by Clare »

Women everywhere ringing for a fireman to check their alarms.. personally always fancied a fireman.

Post by Laura »

Damn, Fireman come to check your alarm in uniform! - I think I need mine checking ASAP

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My husband is a fireman, they do local fire safety visits so agree with those that have said call your local station. The wiring though they won’t be able to help with (although if you get lucky and mention it you might find one is a sparky as a second trade and can point you in the right direction!
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