Can anyone advise as my daughter STILL doesn’t have her GCSE?

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As the largest forum etc… can anyone advise as my daughter STILL doesn’t have her GCSE due to the mess up by AQA exam board. Unbelievably they lost my daughters GCSE results; something to do with cutting her off data file in error due to surname at top of list.

Thankfully not all subjects were with AQA but she is missing English Lit, Lang and French.

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The school will have an exams officer. They need to be doing the chasing on your behalf and should be liaising with the exam board.

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If she plans to go to 6th form/ college, the school may be able to provide them with details of her predicted grades to reassure them of her suitability for a course.

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It's going to take time I'm afraid. Ask them to provide it on the expedited service at their expense.

You will need to wait for the file or paper to be found, allocated to an examiner and then reviewed then Internal qa checks. Is this for gcse or a level.

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That’s shocking! As if it’s not stressful enough getting results! I really hope you hear soon x

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This happened to me in 2000. My English grades were missing and I had to get a provisional

Offer for college based on my predicted grades to get in the higher courses my grades were gonna take about 6 weeks and was told if I didn’t get them

I wood have to

Drop to

The foundation course 6 weeks in thanksfully all worked out
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