There are no foods left that I can eat.. Everything causes a problem!

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Not sure what to do here, there are no foods left that I can eat. I can't take probiotics, or eat fermented foods, I am already low carb whole foods, dairy, meat, nut, legume, gluten and soy free before I started having problems. Everything causes a problem, either colon, bowl stomach or SI...take your pick.

I saw a TikTok from someone who said to do only soft cooked foods but no fibre. How does that work? It leaves me with eggs and coconut custard, both of which I react to as well, now.

I have tried charcoal, slippery elm, digestive enzymes, various herbal teas and probiotics. I took the healthy fat from my diet for a few days, it made no difference, added fruit in that I don't normally eat, makes no difference, take the eggs out and again no difference, adde some grains ( gluten free).

This started over a year ago when I had a digestive system shut down, initially I recovered after 8 months, then stress came, them digestive issues that wont go away since February. I have had a very short reprieve.

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Your gut NEEDS fibre! Why are you meat free?

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Water fasts, juice fasts, colonic hydrotherapy and read books by Professor Arnold Ehret and Harvey Diamond, study Natural Hygiene. Meditate. Watch videos on YouTube by Dr Joe Dispenza and do his online course to reduce stress and elevate your emotions to heal. Both mind over matter and Natrural Hygiene raw food approaches will work. Choose 1 or both.

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  1. How do you go with juices? Fresh orange or celery juice in the morning?
  2. Warm easy to digest meals such as stews with meat and tuber veggies such as potatoes and carrot for lunch and dinner.
My two and a half cents

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Fish n salads with veggies n plenty of fresh fruit... Have your buckwheat pancakes with banana n get a good Manuka honey...

I was gluten, soy, dairy, alcohol, garlic, onion, yeast, egg & peppermint free for 3yrs n I took all what I've recommended to u

I made my own sourdough bread yeast free n funnily enough it also helped heal n regulate cider vinegar with the mother is such a simple thing n it really helped

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U need to heal your gut. Take acv everymorning on an empty stomach. Take glutathione daily x2

Can u try egg white omelet, add dairy free cheese n spinach... Then take vit D and C in high doses with a strong dose of Dha

Have u tried Bone broths with gf bread?

Id build up whatever u can eat n bulk it with your fruit n veg.

Send a hair sample to Dr Ross Martin in como to have it analyzed for a natrapathic remedy

I'm sure ur absorption is low or down...

Do u take magnesium?


Like 3,000mg up to 3 times a day.

It will relax ur bowel n help with any inflamation

Try colon cleanse too b4 u start all this.... Fresh start.
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Eggs are no deal 🙅‍♀️

Coconut also has a lot of fat so be careful with that.

What probiotics do you take? Some don’t make it past the stomach acid…

I am where you are and I’ve been there. It’s hard… take a breather and focus on what you can eat?
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