Please pray for my mum

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Hello my I hope all of you are well. My mum she is very sick. She has blood clot in her leg. Her leg is in a lot of pain. She is in emergency room. They said my mum has two options either take blood thinner medication which twice a day or they will give her the injections they both have risk of killing her. It can potentially kill her. My brother told the doctors they should decide.

They will get the Interperter tomorrow to talk to her.

Please pray for my mum that she can come out of this danger please. Please pray for my that she gets better. If I lose my mum have no other family. I will be all alone in this world. I wish I die instead of her. I can’t afford to lose her. I beg you all please keep my mum in your prayers please . May God bless each and everyone of you with your love ones ameen.

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Don't worry I gave Clexane and heparin injections to plenty of folk. Didn't kill anyone. But I have seen someone drop down dead from an undiagnosed clot. So I would go for the treatment.

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I'm 48 had a unprovoked Pulmonary Embolism I have been on thinners for a year and will be for at least another year. Your mum needs the medication to help prevent more clots especially whilst her body breaks down her clot. Stay positive for her she will need lots of love and support

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My daughter in law had a blood clot in the lung and they gave her blood thinners.she is 37. The clot has gone after several months. I think she may be going off them. I hope your Mum gets well soon.
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