Can supplements make your stomach more sensitive?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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Is anyone else sensitive to taking gut health supplements and cause them to have more inflammation or swelling in the body?

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It has taken me 8 years to work out why none of the gut health programs or supplements have worked and actually make me worse.

I can't consume ANY plant products/food.

ALL Plants have oxalates

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No unable to take any supplements and a number of pharmaceuticals too because of hereditary intolerances on both sides of my family —-DEfiNiTeLy NO supplements ( too many fillers )

Able to take required Cortisone/Fludrocortisone and Thyroxine luckily because they keep my alive with Addison’s Disease and No Thyroid

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No, practitioner grade supplements should never do that. Work with a Naturopath
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