Our middle son got a virus 3 weeks ago

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Hey all, Reaching out here as I am at a loss as to what to do or who to see next.

Our middle son, who is 12, got a virus 3 weeks ago. Just seemed like a normal gastro type virus. He had stomach cramps and felt like vomiting. He would burp a lot also bringing up stomach gas.

Husband and I also had the same bug, but very mild and it only lasted a day or so.

After 6 days off school, we started to think this was going on for too long and went to see a dr. They did blood tests which were all fine and a few days later an X-ray to check if he was constipated, which he wasn’t. They tried him on buscopan and mylanta, which make no difference.

He hasn’t eaten much at all in 3 weeks and everything he eats or drinks makes his stomach cramp and it just seems to be getting worse and not better.

Back to dr again to do stool tests and more blood tests,. Waiting on results. They also did a calprotectin test. She put him on a ppi and said to take fiber, but nothing is making a difference and he just moans all day that he is in pain and is losing weight he doesn’t have to lose.

He has had so much time off school and we try to send him some days thinking it will distract him, but he often just rings to come home.

We went to emergency with him a few nights ago, but they offered no help and said they were only there to stabilize, not fix.

We currently have him on a bland diet of just poached chicken and rice, but it also isn’t helping. He complains endlessly that he is starving and in pain. I was aiming for a low fodmap diet to begin with, as he isn’t the type of child that would do gaps.

Follow up appointment booked with local Dr on Thursday, but otherwise I can’t get in to see our integrative dr for another 3 weeks, the naturopath for 5 weeks and will need a referral to see a gastroenterologist.

Dr suggested the gut bug may have stripped the lining of his stomach, which makes sense, but how can I fix it, if he can’t eat or drink anything without pain and no meds seem to be easing the pain.

Hoping someone has been through this before and can offer advise on what we can try next, or who to speak to. We are in Perth.

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Hi.. I was reading your post about your son and his dilemma with his gut, unfortunately I believe the doctors putting him on ppi's and fibre will not help him if anything it will only increase his symptoms.

Because of the vomiting and obviously the bad bacteria that caused the gastro upset in the first place your son now is in a state of dysbiosis and a state of dehydration.

With the imbalance of gut bacterias he would actually not have enough digestive juices to protect the lining of the gut and to break down any ingested food especially fibre rich food which will lead to constipation and further gut discomfort and inflammation as the undigested food ferments.

I would be aiming to calm the inflammation, remove any bad pathogens or bacteria and replenish with digest enzymes and beneficial bacteria and feed with a prebiotic soluble fibre, along with a gentle cleanse of the digestive track.

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My son is 8. Going through some similar. Constant tummy pains, doesn’t want to go to school etc. I can’t see a specialist until October either. We did a stool test and bloods on Monday and waiting on results too. We are trying no dairy, and just lots of fruit and vegetables.Yesterday I started him on probiotics and L Glutamine as I suspect he has leaky gut? Not sure what to do either.

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Did you say you tried probiotics? Always my first go to for any upset stomach. Can buy at chemist, but also things like yakult and yoghurts

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Try some aloe vera juice a few times a day to soothe colon and calm inflammation.

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So sorry for your little son. Try soups, oats porridge instead of rice with veggies like carrots, potatoes. You can also add K-fibre to his diet.. Celery juice may be helpful too. Which suburb in Perth....

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Sometimes when you get certain sicknesses it can apparently make disaccharidase digestive enzymes low so I wonder if it's this. In which case try meat only or csid diet. The rice would be painful. Basically need keto/low carb /no sugar if this is the problem. I have this and think it could be...
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An MRI can also pick up any inflammation points.

Also rice will aggravate so if possible stay away from dairy, gluten, refined sugars and grains.

Have things like red papaya, banana, apple sauce (check for any additives or sugars, you want the ingredients to show apple only)

You can order a microbiome test straight off the microba sight, send it back and you get results within two weeks, that will also show any bad bacteria.

Where is the pain located?

Also what is hydration like? Coconut water is very good for electrolytes.

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I'm going through the same issues, my son is 16 and has been nailed for almost 4 months now. In and out of hospital seen Paediatrician on meds ? Helicobacter pylori

We did breath test now more bloods and stool as nothing was showing up. He's real bad when he wakes up lost huge amount of weight and just can't eat even water ( clean) is becoming a problem. I've even investigated long covid as it affects their gut. It's absolutely heartbreaking.
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