Is your blood ph the same as your body ph?

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Could someone explain please - I recently had a visit to emergency and they did blood gas testing (I now have a copy of the results) they indicate that my ph is high, p02 (art) is low, my Bicarb is high and so is my Base Excess.  The doctor in emergency didn't tell me anything.  Can anyone explain what this means? 

Also is your blood ph the same as your body ph? thanks heaps in advance.

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Maybe a metabolic alkalosis but very hard to say the cause or what it means without knowing anything else, eg. Symptoms, chronic illness, medications taken, other blood results, to know if it is serious or just expected as part of something chronic or mild

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primary metabolic alkalosis or a compensated respiratory acidosis, can be from a range of things from gastric issues, vomiting diarrhoea, to organ dysfunction. Follow up til u get to bottom of it.

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Your blood pH is standardised by the combined action of your kidneys and lungs to bring the body’s internal ph to be between 7.35 and 7.45 averaging at 7.40

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You have many different ph balances throughout all your body.
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