I have severe gut issues it’s beyond hell to love and suffer

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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I have been quoted around $5000 from I think called Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner to work with seeing me like 5-6 times in three once and can email here anytime for help.

This cost sound about right?. If they can fix me then I’m happy to pay of course I know there is no guarantees.

Unless someone highly highly highly can recommend someone that might be able to help my case that’s very complex.


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I’ve probably spent that in my whole journey and I’m always working on staying well and keeping well but in general I’m healthier now then before I had my chronic health condition flair up he first time

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Start watching DR berg on YouTube... he has a ton of videos on your gut and what to eat and he's free to watch

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Check out Dr Ken Berry he has changed my life eating the proper human diet. It is NO cost, supplements it your own food.
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