Is Soy good or bad for us?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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Hi all, Is Soy good or bad for us? Thank you..

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The soy industry was borne out of too much soy left over from feeding the cattle. So they interpreted some science on a little fermented soy in our diet and blew it up out of proportion. The majority of benefits come from fermented soy products in small amounts not soy milk etc.

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Depends on which research you read. Like most things you’ll find research for and against. The only really plausible concern I’ve found (as the whole hormone thing seems to have been simplified and misunderstood) is that it’s the most heavily sprayed crop.

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It depends on your gender and existing symptoms. For males generally, the oestrogenic effects of soy should prevent ANY males from consuming it. For females with high oestrogen levels (ie, oestrogen dominance), then soy can block the oestrogen receptors of cells to reduce its effect, or for rare women with low oestrogen, soy can give a very minor oestrogenic effect. But for a female without any hormone imbalance, soy should be avoided as it can cause that imbalance... The soy must be certified organic, or else it's been sprayed with glyphosate/Roundup, which is carcinogenic and will cause more problems
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