How can I cycle longer without getting tired?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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Any suggestions for improving energy levels for daily bike riding 5 days a week on top of free weights sessions, in between and around work as well, exhausting.

I am 57 btw.


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Get good sleep/rest. The hormones that repair the body peak between 10pm-2am. The hormones that help with our psychological repair peak from 2am-6am.

Eat raw, whole, organic food. Drink artesian spring water, breathing deep into the diaphragm, cold plunge/shower in the morning. Keep testing these things on yourself. You'll hit paydirt!

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Do you track your calorie intake?

If your lifting weights and cycling and energy is low. You may not be consuming enough food

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Try our NMN/Resveratrol

It has hugely improved my energy and fitness levels. It is a niche product, but myself and our customers are seeing great results.


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Guys gave you a good advice with regards to what check out in order for you to feel less exhausted: calories and macros. Did you do it?

From the other hand... you might be "pushing" with too much effort, thus the fatigue accumulates much faster.
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