Could I actually be the person gastric sleeve doesn’t work for?

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It really is true - having a gastric

Sleeve for weight loss is not the easy option.

I have had a frustrating journey so far.

The travelling and the operation itself was a breeze. I had no complications, no pain, was up and about easily.

The hardest bit for me is loosing weight. I’m nearly 8 weeks post op.

I lost 6lbs on the LRD before surgery and only 15lbs since surgery.

I’ve stalled for 2 weeks lost nothing on week 3 now it looks like I’m stalling again with no weight loss this week.

I’ve talked about the foods to eat and not too.  I feel like I’ve followed everything but still no results.

Could I actually be the person gastric sleeve doesn’t work for?

Am I the only one?

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Drink water- it really does help with the weight loss - it flushes your system

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Hi don't get dissapointed it will work, people do not realise how much a 1lb of fat is its alot, it will come off I've had a few stalls and even put on 3-4 lb but that came off in the end, slow is the best as well, the only thing I noticed is taking vitamins every day helps.

If your under the calories what a lady can have a day you will loose its just your body getting used to the idea of less food.

Head up you will loose

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firstly well done on losing 21lbs so far!!. You need to give yourself a huge pat on the back and this is the important bit.. DO NOT compare your weight loss journey with anyone else. Your body is unique to you, just like my body is unique to me. There are two things you need to do and this will work for you. 1. Make sure you drink enough water, 2. Ensure you get enough protein. If you take an average of your loss so far you are at 2lb/week which is great. I can tell you that we all have had stalls. I have just had a three week stall and I had to stop stepping on the scales because I was obsessing about it. After avoiding the scales for over a week I stepped on them on Wednesday fully expecting to be disappointed and I had a kilo off.

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You’ll probably find you’re loosing inches! I really recommend weighing monthly & not focusing on the numbers to much. If you are following the plan the weight will come off, maybe just not as quickly as you’d like X

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Right so in the last 4 week iv only lost like 7lb. But .... in that 4 weeks iv lost so much more inches. My elastic trousers is swinging on my bum my tops are all looking like I bought 2 sizes yo big . This did NOT happen when the scales said I was loosing. It happened when the scales said nope .. we're gonna stay the same here for weeks. Trust the process. Ur only 8 weeks out and u already have had a great loss.

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I'm 9 weeks post op and stopped weighing weekly now I’m going to do it monthly as I’ve been a bit disappointed

at 8weeks po I’ve lost 24lbs but 8lb of that was on the lrd I’m also following the plan meeting the water &protein goals just keeping following the process it will sort itself out x

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I can feel your disappointment at loosing 21lbs in 8 weeks which is a significant loss despite having stalls which tbh is very good going a stone and a half and as we have spoken a few times and we know your food choices weren’t great and not within what you should be eating and what textures at this stage etc.

What you want to be concentrating on is the journey not the week or day that I think is a huge issue for some people I personally only weighed myself on a monthly basis and I trusted the process

What also would be good to know is how well your hydrating ? This is essential to consistent weight losses xxx
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