How do you stop losing weight once you reach your goal?

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For anyone who has approx 4 stone to lose, how did you manage to not lose too much once you got to goal weight? Was it easy to maintain and not keep losing?

I ask as my sister had the surgery done but lost more than she had as her goal weight. I like having a few curves still, not love handles as such but I want to keep a shape.

I hope this doesn’t come across as rude or offend anyone it’s just something I’m very worried about as she lost a shape.

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I'm 1 1/2 year post op. I had a goal weight as most of us have and I lost more than that. I am finally starting to maintain weight but it's a lot of work at the moment. I spoke to 2 of my own (not ths dieticians as I didn't go with this company as I didn't know about them before I went for my own sleeve) and both said that eventually your body will stop losing the weight automatically but not necessarily when we want it to be ideal for us. You usually increase your calories and carbs intake in a healthy way but you need to talk to your dietician here on how to do that. Follow as advised and after a while you will see a result. I work for the NHS myself and I as many of my colleagues don't think that the bmi is a good fit for all. In fact, in my own case it would suggest that I can happily lose another 8kg! Which trust me is NOT the case. My own PT saw my bmi and looked at me and said that's crazy. So I'm holding my weight now but you need to seek the advise of your dietician and follow it. I also starter the gym for muscle build up and shape amd with that the diet is different again. So it's very much individualised

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I have watched a lot of youtube videos posted by bariatric surgeons. This short video is about this issue...


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Yes but what about if you keep losing weight cos you can’t eat
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