I have heard that you can get some headaches with the liquid diet before and after surgery

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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I am prone to migraine if I’m not well or stressed so am a little worried about this. Does anyone know if you can take migralieve tablets?

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I can’t imagine why not. They will give you pain killers to take home anyway which might help.

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Hi, I also am prone to migraine and I was worried about this and brought my prescribed medication with me and I am super surprised I've not had a sore head once yet and it's also really hot just now. I was sleeved Monday and fly home tomorrow.

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I gradually withdrew caffeine and sugar from my diet before the op and then didn’t have any headaches. You will be given pain killers anyway.

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The headaches are likely to be sugar and caffeine withdrawals so hopefully they will pass after a couple of days if they happen.
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