Me & My dog & Cephalexin

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My dog was prescribed 500mg Cephalexin by the vet yesterday for some irritation on her paw. They also gave her an allergy shot.

This morning I tried to hide the capsule in her wet food... She took a bite and spat it out. I didn't realize she had punctured the capsule so when I picked it up off the carpet the powder antibiotics spilled out onto my hand and all over my carpet.

I placed it back in her food and luckily she ate it, but I'm wondering if anyone knows whether it's safe (moving forward) to simply open the capsule and dissolve it into her food rather than trying to feed her the actual capsule.

Also, does anyone know if there are any health risks to ME by coming into direct contact on my skin with the powdered antibiotic that spilled out of the capsule?

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It should be okay but I’d still recommend calling the vet to ask

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I would open it up and put directly into the food or ask the vet for a liquid version

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And you should be absolutely fine even if it touched your skin
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