How long is the longest you would leave your cats alone, multiple cat household?

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Hello everybody, How long is the longest you would leave your cats alone, multiple cat household?
Jo ~

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Great thing with cats is just leave plenty of water and huge bowl of food and they really don't care about how long you're gone! That's the one pro of owning one!

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Should never leave them alone. Some cats get depressed, they won’t eat, they will miss you. Always have someone check on them. Call your vet, he will say the same.

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No more than a day or two MAX, they need interaction, fresh water etc.

Leaving them alone any longer than that is irresponsible imo.

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We done a week. Nobody stopped by. Just left out plenty of food and lots of water.

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2 days with extra food and several bowls of water out. I’d account for two days worth of food and then add a third days worth. A few extra calories won’t hurt.

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I can't now as my 12 yr old cat is on Thyroid meds twice a day and only eats pate cat food. Before this we could leave her for 3 to 4 days. Plenty of food and water left out and the TV and a light on..

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Breakfast in the morning 6am and I have had to go to appointment 2hrs away. I made it bacK in time for their 6pm dinner..

I don’t trust leaving cats behind too long unfortunate things can happen.

And no one is there to help them if they get stuck, hurt, or run out of food/water.

Any longer than that I will pay a friend to come over and feed, check on them, and hang for a bit.

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3-4 days without someone checking in. Leaving our 1 bowl food/water per day gone. I'm blessed my cats don't over eat. I worry most about them dumping all their waters cuz there is always at least 1 knocked over.

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We have a lot of cats, seriously a lot and the most we’ve done is 3 days. We have a few litter robots and normal litter boxes. We leave out a lot of food and water. We also have cameras on all he time and have someone in the family on stand by just in case of an emergency.

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3 Days MAX anything more you have people coming by, cameras, and/or automatic litter box and feeder.

Id like to get to the point where we can leave for at least a week and just have automatic things and cameras to check in on them.

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Always get a self gravity filling water bowl for a larger breed dog so its heavy and they are less able to knock it over. My cat knocks over the little ones. Buy 2. Put them in seperate places. You can always do a trial couple days with it filled to see how your cats act with it while youre still home. And you also see it doesnt leak. You can always put up extra litter boxes while on vacation . If they are on a kibble diet you can do the self feeder gravity filler for kibble too. Or they have ones on amazon that u can set to drop 1/4 cup at whatever times u set it for. Really just depends how healthy your pet is. If they need meds or special foods or dont do well alone- get a pet sitter.
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