Can anyone recommend what to feed a picky eater

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Good day.. Can anyone recommend what to feed a picky eater. My dog l, husky, who is 13 yrs does not want to eat pallets, tin food or a combination of both.

Have to add a piece of chicken to the combination and he only eats where the chicken is. He wants to eat the food from my table. Bones, denture sticks, hooves, biscuits dog biltong he goes and bury. I need to get him to eat his food.

I know cats eat with the smell of the food, but what entices a dog to eat. Any help will be appreciated.


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I would get a vet check, wellness with bloodwork. I have 3 senior rescues with different diseases, i.e. kidney, liver, adrenal. They often refuse to eat. I keep a cupboard full of high end wet canned, cheap canned, kibble, and also a batch of homemade. I change their food almost every day. A lot of senior dogs have this issue, I don't know if it might be a combination of some dementia with their health issues.

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The reason he’s not eating his own food is because he knows you’ll feed him better food if he waits.

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My dogs love purina one lamb and rice. They also get table food but still like their food. Is this a recent problem? Is it possible at that age he has some dental issues that maybe cause pain with harder food?

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Stop giving him all the other stuff like table scraps and treats. He’s holding out for the good stuff.

Give him his kibble with a little tinned food on as a topper and try adding some low salt chicken broth, you can buy this specifically for dogs or you can make it by boiling chicken bones and using the water. Don’t add anything else to his food and don’t offer him any table scraps, treats, dental sticks or anything else until he eats his own food. He will eat it eventually, a Husky is very unlikely to starve themselves.

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You've spoiled him too much. Probably wouldn't eat any other dog food regardless of what it is.

You can try some no sodium chicken broth and adding it in the food he usually gets. And if it were me.. I'd stop giving him chicken completely until he eats his own food.
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