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Has your dog ever been diagnosed with diabetes and was great on insulin for a few months at one dose and then you had to drop the dose or stop giving it completely for a few days or up to a week? Then go back on because they are suddenly diabetic again.

All the vets I work for and Katias vet say they have never seen this in dogs just cats.

She is half Doberman half coonhound so idk if that makes a difference.

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It would be incredibly uncommon in a dog, since dogs are more like Type 1 in humans (autoimmune and permanent) whereas cats are more like Type 2 (genetic/lifestyle and can go into remission). There are reasons for things like this in dogs, like small tumors in the pancreas that make insulin which fool you into thinking they are no longer diabetic.

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Once diabetic always diabetic but insulin needs can vary.
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